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Triple Chocolate Birthday Cake

This Triple Chocolate Birthday Cake will even make Willy Wonka’s mouth water! Made with our Chocolate Chip Pancakes, chocolate hazelnut spread and warm chocolate syrup, this is the ultimate (pan)cake for any special celebration.

  • 6 De Wafelbakkers Chocolate Chip Pancakes
  • Chocolate hazelnut spread (like Nutella)
  • 1/3 cup chocolate syrup


  • Birthday candles! (optional)


Heat up 6 De Wafelbakkers Chocolate Chip Pancakes according to the microwave instructions on the package.

Once pancakes have cooled for a minute or two, begin layering the cake by spreading each pancake with chocolate hazelnut spread and then stacking on top of each other.

Warm the chocolate syrup up in the microwave according to packaging instructions and drizzle over the top. Pop a few candles on top, make a wish, and dig in!

So Many Great Ways To Enjoy #DWBpancakes...
“We love these pancakes! So quick and easy to heat up when we are heading out the door for early morning baseball practice, and they taste like we made them ourselves!”
- Connie S
“I can't believe I bought these pancakes from the store! Sweet, light, and full of deliciousness!”
- April R
“Weekday mornings in my house are a complete whirlwind, but your pancakes make morning breakfast tasty, nutritious, and, more importantly, easy!”
- Sabrina O